Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year

Why hello there 2009.

Most folks are either still partying or going to bed after partying. Almost everyone seems to be celebrating the new year. Me? I'm on looking for laser sound effects. I'm working on a commercial. Let's call it my way of celebrating the new year. By getting to work.

Not wasting anytime. I've got alot planned for this year and for the years to follow, and I need not waste time celebrating. My work is my celebration. Although I know I am missing a certain Phillipino New Years celebration going on in Texas. I do wish I was there.

But I'm here, and I'm ready to get cracking. Right now I'm working on my commercial submission for Aspire's Laptop Promotion. This ones going to rely on the votes and views of the general public so I'm hoping what I'm putting together will be funny to the people, or at the very least cute.

Ooh, I think I may very well have found the laser sound I'm looking for. I love Soundnap. If you're looking for free sound effects check out

Soooo many videos I wanna work on, as well as so much to do with Monster Cops.

I started a new YouTube Channel. I've had other ones in the past, but this one is brand new, featuring almost all of the videos I've made and am going to make. Before the other channels had a whole mess of stuff I didn't care for. Random uploads for uploads sake. This one will be privy to videos of my own creation and not just random playing with the camera type stuff.

So glad YouTube has caught up to HD uploading. Now the sites I use for uploads are YouTube, Vimeo (I love Vimeo), Metacafe (Really only because of the producer rewards program, that paper rose video has helped pay some bills), and of course PopTent.

And here's a little something I put up on YouTube. This is the trailer for my first feature film, VAMPIRE KILLER. Shot on everything, and when I say everything I mean everything except digital or hd. Started this back in 95, shot on Super 8, 16mm, Super 16mm, VHS, 8mm. Basically whatever I could get my hands on. Transfered all the footage to 3/4 inch and 1/2 inch video, and then edited on analog decks. Years later I would finally get to transfer everything to a computer and reedit the movie on Final Cut Pro. Here it is, Vampire Killer Trailer.

The tag line that refers to this movie not really being about what it seems aludes to the fact that the actual film has two different plots, one in black and white about the Vampire Killer, the other in color about an FBI agents interrogation of an indie moviemaker (me). And at the end of the film the two plots collide.

It's always good to look back to see what you've done. Compare it to what you're doing now, see how much you;ve grown, or rather how much you need to grow. Here's a taste of the mock trailer based on a script I wrote a while back. Here's an upload from Vimeo, this is the first cut of Archangel.

This is the first cut of the footage we've shot so far for a fake trailer/short called ARCHANGEL. Based on a script I wrote years ago. I don't know if it's a movie I'd actually want to produce myself, but right now it'll be great to try out some action movie making separate from Monster Cops, as well as try out some new tools in after effects.

The actual trailer will probably look different from this and will feature different music. Right now I'm using an old track I produced a while back called "Tequila." I hope to add way more action and tweak all the fx shots, a few of those muzzle flashes I'm not satisfied with.

Here I'm using the heck out of Chris Plouffe who plays our hero, and Brandon Weir who basically dies in every shot. Choreographed and shot the fight scene in one night, and I'm actually quite fond of the pizza cutter as a weapon.

Ok, I'm actually going to try to sleep now. Got a big year ahead of me.

Happy New Years guys! Let's make it a great one!

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  1. happy new year patrick

    speaking of new things i got a g4 for christmas (just like my old laptop) and am dying to shoot some new material. call me if you need photos.

    i'd also like to act again sometime. if you need an actress for your next production keep me in mind for that too.