Thursday, January 15, 2009

Everybody's Gotta Get Paid

I was just Twittering (or rather Tweeting, but really I prefer Twittering, it's fun to say outloud) about how Jott and Sprout are both going from a basic free service to a paid service. And I don't mind at all. Everyone's gotta get paid for their services and I will gladly pay for what I use. Jott I use every so often, for blogging from my phone or leaving notes for myself. Sprout is a service that allows you to create flash content with ease. I actually rely on Sprout quite heavily for much of my marketing, I use it on my blog, and throughout

I can't imagine a world without Sprout, so I will most likely be paying for their services come February. Jott not so much. And I'm both glad and overwhelmed a little about so many sites I use switching to get paid. I completely understand it, but man it fell hard. I guess everyone got together and decided to start charging after the New Year started. is another site I've used for Sound effects and foley support for much of my video work, and it too is now taking away the free service. Now you can download 5 soundeffects a month for free, after that you gotta pay.

Even Brightcove has giveen up there basic and free services. And I was using them to post high quality videos extensively as well. Now I'm sticking to high quality and free video upload sites like Vimeo. And thankfully YouTube has enabled HD quality as well (although you can't embed HD yet, or can you, someone fill me in.)

Like I said, I understand it, and I don't mind it, I was even expecting it, just wasn't expecting to have to pay for it all at the sametime.

I just glanced at the date on the box of sugar free cookies I was eating, and realized the date expired. I bought these today. Neat. (sarcasm)

Anyhoo. Not complaining about the monetary system, just overwhelmed. Sprout I will gladly pay for. Jott I don't really need or use. I actually don't need, I just really liked how easy their site was to use. From now on if I need sound fx support I can still use The Free Sound Project. Wait. Lemme check and see if they're still free.

Yup still free.

And I've switched from Brightcove to Vimeo with some help from Vodpod.

Ok, I'm gonna go puke up some cookies, and get back to editing EVERYTHING.

Oh and thank you to all of you who have commented, viewed, and rated my videos. I really appreciate the support. Thanks guys.

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