Saturday, December 13, 2008

Smart Girls At The Party

I'm constantly fascinated with "new media" and the evolving uses of webisodes, web series, and online content.  Dr. Horrible is a great example of someone established in the industry successfully creating and distributing content online.  Joss Whedon hit a homer with it for sure.  Writer/Director James Gunn is working on short series content called PG Porn, which is a dark comedic series that pokes fun at porn movies.  Other artists use web/new media to highlight social issues.  Darryl Hannah's Love Life showcases Darryl Hannah's love for all things green and explores developments in green culture and highlights the varied ways one can save the planet.

Another such piece of web content, that just recently caught my attention, comes from Amy Poehler, and as much as I would have loved for her to do a comedy based web series, her current project is much more important.  Smart Girls At The Party celebrates the creativity, the fun, the brilliance, and the overall awesomeness of young women.  Poehler interviews and showcases different young women who are passionate and creative.  Each interview is shot like it was Larry King or rather Charlie Rose, but instead of celebrities you get REAL important people, kids.  In a time when young women have role models like Paris Hilton and Britney Spears, its great and refreshing to see content that, as Poehler puts it, “celebrates extraordinary girls who are changing the world by being themselves”.  I think that kicks ass.

Edit (12/15/08): Amy Poehler, you will be greatly missed on SNL.

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