Tuesday, September 30, 2008

What kind of day has it been?

A small set back. My music creation software is officially no more.

When I work on a project, a short, even a feature, I often write alot of the music as I write the script, and continue working on the music as I shoot and edit. For me the music plays an integral role. So I'm very lucky to have all the tools I need in order to write the script, edit the video, and make the music.

Without going in to too too much detail, that music creation software tool is now non existant. Can't really explain why, just know that I can no longer make music on my computer. For right now that is. And it happens right when I hit a musical epiphany of course.

But I'm not fretting. There are no obstacles, only opportunities to be creative. So we'll see how it works out, but I'm sure it will.

And yet there are many many things I still need to tend to as far as this current episode of Monster Cops. Here's what I still need to get done.

- Re-write dialogue.
- Send pages to Texas crew.
- Contact actors and rewrite pages in regards to the Kate Rand scene.
- Cast Raven.
- Cast the little girl.
- Cast the Nosferatu.
- Build the Nosferatu Costume.
- Shoot all dialogue scenes.
- Shoot the Nosferatu Scene.
- Shoot the final Zombie scene.
- Build the "Frank" Costume.
- Cast the Familiar/Cultist Role.
- Finish up the Vampire Brides scene.
- Shoot the MKX300 Scene.
- Shoot the Tri-Gun Scene.
- Shoot Lycan scenes, both of em.
- Settle the Lycan Costume.
- Shoot the explosives scene, and post house breach scene.
- Build a Mini-gun Prop.
- Make a Necrinomicon Prop. (working on this now)
- Make the Blood Bottle Prop.
- Get the Hellraiser Box. (this should already be done)
- Get the computer room location.
- Get the interrogation location.
- Find the empty room/warehouse.
- Cast the "Top 4 Zombies".
- Make the "shirt" prop.
- Settle the music issue.
- Settle Beethoven's 9th issue. or come up with a new ending.

And I still need the restaraunt/bar location for Archangel.
Still have like 6 more shots to get for Archangel and the dialogue scenes.

And I want to get all this done sometime in October, hopefully before Halloween.

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