Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I'M GEEKING OUT!!!!!!!!!

I just found out that they are making The Last Starfighter 2! HOLY SHIT!!!!!! And Nick Castle is involved. I'm gonna cry.

Not only that but at the last Comic Con footage for TRON 2 was revealed. Just watched the bootleg video here.

If you can't watch the embed, watch it here.

The light cycles, the new graphics, and that's right bitches! JEFF BRIDGES!!!! I applauded when I saw him. It's not a remake fuckers, IT'S A SEQUEL!!!! The 80's are back bitches!

Ok I'm gonna go watch this like 300 more times.


  1. I hafta admit I clapped when I saw Jeff. This'll be interesting...

  2. Yes sir. It's just mind blowing. I can't even believe it's real, and certainly makes up for crap like Disaster Movie.