Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Passing Of A Legend

I'm a movie geek, no two ways about it, I've loved movies forever. My obsession has always been part of my education in cinema and especially in special effects. Early on I understood moviemaking and special fx and the process that is taking what someone has written on a page and figuring out how to make it happen visually. My earliest memories of this education would come in the form of the early episodes of Movie Magic, a behind the scenes special fx show. It would come on late at night and usually as filler for whatever late night movie couldn't fill in the full two hours.

It seems the one they kept showing the most was the behind the scenes look of The Terminator. This would be the first time I would learn who Stan Winston was. It wasn't til much later in 1993 that his name would be burned into my brain as the man who helped create the amazing dinosaurs of Jurassic Park.

Stan Winston has crewed, worked on, and created monsters and special fx and special fx make up for some of the biggest and most popular movies in history, and is a maestro of fx work who has greatly affected the field. In the field of make up artistry alone he's up there with the greats, Dick Smith, Rick Baker, and has worked on some of the greatest movie franchises of all time. Simply look over his imdb page to see how much his creativity has contributed to so many movies.

It's heartbreaking news to hear of his passing. He is a legend, he is an artist, and he is one of the truest and one of the original Monster Makers and FX creators. My heart is with his family, his professional family, and every single one of us who know his name and associate it with the very essence of creative genius. You've influenced me dear sir, and you will be greatly, greatly missed.

Special-effects maestro Stan Winston dies at 62

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