Saturday, June 7, 2008

Absolutely Brilliant

There is no secret ingredient.

It's honestly not just for kids. It's, in my opinion a near perfect movie. Great cast, great animation (really great), excellent score, and great writing. Maybe I'm just a softy for anything Kung Fu, and maybe I just get a kick out of really good animation. But for someone who holds Pixar in the highest regard I'd have to say that Dreamwork's Kung Fu Panda rates right up there with some of Pixar's best. Ok, maybe I'm over stating, but that's just cuz I'm so excited about this one.

I honestly wasn't expecting this to be great. I knew on some level it would be entertaining, but I walked out of the theatre blown away. And who would've thought that we'd ever see David Cross and Jackie Chan in the same cast, granted it's a voice cast, but a cast nonetheless.

It's a great movie, and in my opinion great moviemaking. This movie made me fall in love with martial arts all over again, and I never stopped loving it. I even spent most of today with Kung Fu movies on in the background. Honestly I'm a huge fan of this movie now. So much so I will now post publicity photos while, Kung Fu Hustle plays in the background while I listen to the Kung Fu Panda score. Did I mention what a truely great score this is? Hans Zimmer and John Powell, great job.

I even love the Kung Fu Fighting cover done by Cee-Lo Green and Jack Black.

Jack Black

Angelina Jolie

David Cross

Dustin Hoffman

Jackie Chan

Lucy Lui

Seth Rogen

Directors John Stevenson and Mark Osborne with Producer Melissa Cobb

After what is turning out to be a crappy summer movie season, it's truely a pleasure to know there are still some great movies out there. Our old heroes may fail us, but there are new ones to saves us, or at the very most show us how to save ourselves.

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