Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Why so serious?

Yes I completed my list of things to do. With the exception of about 3 things. But I got what I really needed to get done out of the way. And I even found time to workout. And also we've got another screening for TMS.

Just when I thought we were all done with screenings, here comes another one. Yay!!!

FILM: "Midnight Special"
WHEN: Friday, February 01 10:00 AM
WHERE: Norhtern Lights Theatre Pub
3893 Commercial St. SE
Salem, Oregon 97302
HOSTED BY: Mid-Valley Video Festival

RSVP via the following link:

As part of there Horror Comedy screenings on Friday Nights. Should be fun. Wish I could be there. I've flown over Oregon once, but I've never actually been there. I did contemplate moving there once a while back.

I can stop drooling over The Dark Knight trailer. Check out (and download) the high quality trailer here.

Here's the youtube embed:

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