Sunday, October 28, 2007

26 days to go

Ok so something in me just said "screw it! go live already!". So I did. The fundable page is now active. Let's see what happens over the next 26 days. Hopefully I'll have $2,500 by November 23rd. If not, I'll probably just keep trying, while I go ahead and shoot what I can without the money.

And there is plenty I can get done before I need the money. As a matter of fact I've already got quite a bit accomplished. Much more than I expected. Already got some actors lined up, although I need more. Got the music ready to go. I wrote most of it as I was writing the script(s). The crew in Texas is aware and ready to do any shots that need to be done in Texas. I'm getting to know the local police and how I can work with them. I'm ready to build monsters. Ready to shoot what I need, and I've already been collecting stock shots that I might be able to use. I've got the budget run down ready. I've got everything DIY and no-budget in the works.

But it's that little bit of extra money that'll help put this over the top. I was nervous about getting the fundable page started. I actually had it done days ago, but I've just been saying "Wait til after Halloween." But the thing is, wait for what? Heck, it's now or never. So here it is:

And soon I'll be telling everyone and their grand ma's dog about this. So let's see if we can make this thing happen.

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