Thursday, August 9, 2007

Contest Round Up #453

What better way to hone your skills than submitting to a contest. get some practice in while giving yourself a chance to win cash and prizes. Some of these are kinda cutting it close on the deadline, as usual. I've put them in order of deadline, as usual. If you know of anymore then by all means comment and let us know.

Ourstage (of course)
Deadline: On going

Psoriasis Cure Now Video Contest
Early Bird Deadline: 8/15/07

Best Buy Youtube Tech-U-out Contest

IFC's Assassins Creed Short Film Contest
Deadline: 8/20/07

Jumpcut and Butterfinger's “Battle of the Balls” Video Contest
Deadline 8/21/07

Project 86 Make Your Own Video Contest!
Deadline: 8/24/07

Mobile Video Rockstar
Deadline: 8/31/07

SuperMediaStore Video Contest
Deadline: 9/14/07

Deadline: 9/15/07
This is actually about 8 different contests. Go to their site and click on anyone of the "participating brands" to the left.

FairVote Democracy Video Contest
Deadline: 9/28/07

10 Day Take 2
Deadline: 10/4/07

Psoriasis Cure Now Video Contest
Regular Deadline: 10/10/07

Videomaker Short Video Contest
Deadline: 10/31/07

I'll repost as I find out about them. Always got my ear to the ground.

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