Friday, June 22, 2007

When did noah build the ark ...

BEFORE the flood.

I've heard everyone say it. People I've worked with, people I've worked for, everyone has said in one way or another, "I'm tired of working for other people."

I think the main goal with most people I've heard say that, and definitely the main goal for me is to be in charge of yourself. To live your own life. Or as I've just read in this blog post by Tina Parcell I’m getting tired of placing my welfare in the hands of others.

I've felt that statement from a number of people for a very long time, especially from myself. I'm glad to post that I am (and have been) taking the steps towards not only making my dreams come true, and reaching my goals, but also putting my own welfare in my own hands. I'm excited to do so, and am confident that I'll be getting there very soon.

But like everything it all starts with change.

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