Thursday, May 17, 2007


Thanks to Curtis over at the SPOOKY MOVIE FILM FESTIVAL. He's done a tremendous job of helping me out in spreading the word about Monster Cops: The Midnight Special. The Spooky Movie Film Fest in Fairfax, Virginia was one of our first Official Selections for last year. This past Saturday March 12th, Curtis screened MC:TMS again this time at ARTOMATIC Art/Media Convention in Arlington, Virginia.

He just messaged me to tell me that the movie "KILLED". Which made me feel good. YAY! Also he says he's got the movie scheduled for another screening for the final Saturday in June in Hagerstown, Maryland. Glad we're getting screened a plenty in the DC area. Thanks a bunch Curtis. I'm glad you and the Spooky Movie Film Fest enjoy the movie so much.

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