Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Contest Round Up. AGAIN!

EDITED 4/29/07

Bust out that video camera and get crackin!
(Deadlines in parenthesis)

Ratatouille Comedy Contest

Acceptable TV
(Rolling Deadlines)

Filmaka Film Competition
(Rolling Deadlines, Currently "The Secret" April 30th)

Briobox $50,000 Contest
(Rolling Deadlines)

OurStage Video Contest
(April 26th)

Lonely Planet TV's Travel Video Contest
(May 15th 2007)

MTV Movie Awards Movie Spoof Contest
(May 21st, 2007)

Love My Library Video Contest
(May 25th 2007)

Bytecaster Video Presentation Contest
(May 30th, 2007)

"Chub City® In Action" Film Contest
(May 31st)

John Woo's Stranglehold
(June 25th, 2007)

Mr Clean Scenes
(June 30th, 2007)

Heinz Top This TV Challenge
(August 6th)

One Minute Film Festival
(September 1st, 2007)

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