Wednesday, March 7, 2007


First off I have to say that I actually really enjoyed Hostel. And although I really don't have much desire to see part 2, I did enjoy what Eli Roth is saying about HOSTEL II.

6 Reasons Why Hostel Part II Will Mess You Up By Eli Roth

  1. In the first movie it was the three guys, but in Hostel Part II the violence is harder to watch because it’s all aimed at women. And any violence aimed at women is always gonna have a sexual element...
  2. Hostel Part II goes much deeper. It shows you who runs the torture chambers – the shadowy figures who are in control. Everything you need to know about the corporation is right here. And it’s fucking terrifying.
  3. It also looks at it from the other angle: how do people get from seeing this shit advertised on the web to standing in a torture chamber cutting someone up? The people doing it are normal guys, like you and me...
  4. I don’t hold back on this one. The Unrated DVD of Hostel went to No1 but I only had 30 seconds of extra material to put in. This one, I’m filming it all: the sickest shit you’ll ever see. The censor’s are gonna flip.
  5. I show you all the blood, because I fucking love that stuff. But with Part II, I want more suspense. I love it in the first movie where the guy is dragged along the corridor: the dread. Here, the whole fucking movie’s like that.
  6. There’s one scene in this film that’s gonna change horror history. Even the guys from [effects company] KNB looked away as we shot it, and those guys live and breathe that shit. It’s special. I’m really proud!

In my moviemaking opinion THAT's how you market a movie. Kudos to you Mr. Roth. You've actually got my semi interested.

More importantly ....

My world has just gotten a whole lot brighter. And here is why:


This movie is on my list of flicks I can watch all day long. Friday August 23rd 1985, Patrick spends entire day watching Night Of The Comet, pausing only once to watch a special episode of Macgyver that night. I love this movie, and it's not just because Kelli Maroney is frickin hot as a cheerleader with a sub machine gun.

And if you hadn't heard the news GUESS what's coming out from Lions Gate Home Video later this year. That's right bitches, It's THE mutherfuckin MONSTER SQUAD!!!!! Don't believe me, read this:


Oh what? What's that you say? Patrick's movie MONSTER COPS: THE MIDNIGHT SPECIAL will be released on DVD on FRIDAY APRIL 13th? HOLY CRAP? REALLY!?


I'm working on the special features as we speak. APRIL FRIDAY THE 13th, get your copy at,, or It'll be available for digital download through in June, and then we'll hit Blockbuster and Netflix before end of Summer. And all this year we'll still be hitting screenings at fests and conventions, including ...

ALL-CON DALLAS Sci-Fi/Fantasy/ Convention
March 17th

April 20-22 (Date and time pending)

More to come.

Goddamn, I love this movie making shit!

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