Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Grindhouse Trailer Contest. WINNERS!!!!

Seriously, you have no excuses. I post about it all the time. I tell moviemakers just starting out the same things over and over. With todays technology you literally have no excuses not to make and distribute your own movie for little to no money. I've done that with The Midnight Special and I'm already on the road to distribution. But this particular theme is reiterated when you look at some of the incredible entrys for the Grindhouse Contest.

In order to promote the movie Grindhouse, they created a contest asking movie makers everywhere to create their own trailers for a fake Grindhouse movie. The 3 finalists have been chosen and one of those is the winner. After watching all three I am simply blown away. Incredible stuff. Keep in mind that these are fake trailers for Grindhouse movies, they are supposed to exhibit the very essence of a Grindhouse flick. Sex, violence, horror, action, and all the cheesiness you could ask for. What follows is some of the best tributes to campy, cult, B-movies and exploitation flicks and all 3 of them excellently put together.

I am very very impressed.

Impressive make up fx. And I laughed my ass off at the random naked chick with the gun. This feels like Motel Hell, I Spit On Your Grave, and it feels like a Fulci Film. This is what I want the Monster Cop zombies to look like.

This one was just well done overall. Feels a bit like The Crow meets I Spit On Your Grave.

And the winner is ...

The title alone warrants a win. This one really nailed that Grindhouse feel. Now I feel like watching Death Wish. Is that even on DVD?

Amazing job guys!

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