Friday, February 9, 2007

To The Universe

I declare to you that I am an adventurer. A bringer of the light. The courier between dreams and action. I connect the molecules to the light. For I am the light. But then again aren't we all?

I hope my fellow CWGers and knowers of "The Secret" were doing what they needed to do 7:00 am this past Tuesday. Rock the fuckin house ya'll. Namaste to all you bad ass mother fuckers out there. Namaste.

And special thanks to my fellow indie that posted this on the LJ Filmmaking community. Right on time.

"The film of the future will be shot by adventurers...The film of tomorrow appears to me as even more personal than an individual and autobiographical novel, like a confession, or a diary. The young filmmakers will express themselves in the first person and will relate what has happened to them: it may be the story of their first love or their most recent; of their political awakening; the story of a trip; a sickness, their military service, their marriage, their last vacation...and it will be enjoyable because it will be true and new... The film of tomorrow will not be directed by civil servants of the camera but by artists for whom shooting a film constitutes a wonderful and thrilling adventure. The film of tomorrow will resemble the person who made it and the number of spectators will be proportional to the number of friends the director has. The film of the future will be an act of love."

-Francois Truffaut

Smart guy. ;)

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