This blog I've had for a while now. Here I document most anything and everything I'm interested in, mainly video making, movie making, diy prop making, and any number of fandoms and interests I have, of which there are many. To name a few, eating cheese and breathing. And Curling of course. Also I do like to ramble at times of the struggle and drama about making ones dreams come true, which usually includes ponderings on philosophy and spiritual strength and how that applies to the very process of human nature and connecting with ones soul. But I'll try my best to include more fart jokes to even things out.

Name: Patrick A. Prejusa
Occupation: Moviemaker / Video Creator
Hobbies: Moviemaker / Video Creator
Interests: Moviemaker / Video Creator
What do you do in your spare time?: Moviemaker / Video Creator
No seriously, what's up with you?:
(Prepare for the VANITY!)

I've made two feature films, one of which I successfully self distributed and got rave reviews. Many of my movies and shorts have screened at several festivals like Tromadance, Asian Film Festival Dallas, New York Film Festival, Spooky Movie Washington DC Horror Film Festival, Wichita Falls Film Fest, Dark Carnival Film Fest, Dallas Video Festival. But it's not like you've heard of any of them have you? Trying to remedy that right now.

I write, edit, direct, and score all of my projects myself, and in most cases, create FX, props, and a few costumes.

I've been a successful video creator working with Poptent.net. Through them I've made videos for New Line Cinema, Callaway Golf, Budweiser, and Old Spice. If you're a video creator and you're looking to build your portfolio and possibly make money, I highly suggest joining the Poptent Community. A truly great and talented crowd that I am glad to be a part of.

I'm currently producing, writing, and directing a web series called Monster Cops. It's in the horror comedy genre. It's just as the title implies, Cops hunting Monsters. It's shot Cops style, as a camera crew follows these officers as they investigate and hunt down Vampires, Werewolves, and Zombies. It's Cops meets The Office meets Cloverfield. I've produced 2 twenty minute episodes and several smaller minisodes. Monster Cops has gotten rave reviews and has played in a few festivals. The ultimate goal is to produce a full series, either for TV or mainly for the internet, or both. We're aiming for a DVD release next year for the first 5 to 6 episodes.

I'm currently in production of my next feature film REDD. Working on the film through spring and summer of 2012 with a target release date in the Fall. Also producing the horror comedy thriller SATURDAY NIGHT SPECIAL.

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